Social Events & Important Dates



  • Saturday 1st April – Round 1 Div 2 only

 Thursday 6th April – 1st Supper

  •  Saturday 8th April – Round 1 Div 1 & Div 3 Round 2 Div2

 Thursday 17th August – Last Supper

  •  Saturday 19th August – Round 17 Div 1 Round 19 Div 2 Round 18 Div 3

 Saturday 26th August – Last Round Div 1 & Div 2 Finals Div 3

  •  Thursday 14th September – Div 3 GF Appointments Night – Meal

 Saturday 16th September – Div 3 GF

  •  Wednesday 20th September – SFLUA Awards Night & GF Appointments

 Saturday 23rd  September – Div 2 GF

  •  Sunday 24th September – Div 1 GF



 Please refer to SFLUA web & Facebook sites for updates and venue details


2018 Membership Fees

A message from your Committee

Your Committee has revised the structure of fees payable for the 2018 season.  This has arisen due to the inequity of the current system and a growth in the umpiring group that has resulted in the Committee being unsure if it can provide services to a larger group.

The new fee structure is as follows:

  • Umpires who are 18 years or older as at 1 April 2018 are considered to be adults and therefore are required to pay a $150.00 membership fee per annum.
  • Umpires who are Under the age of 18 as at 1 April 2018 are considered to be of student age and are required to pay a $70.00 membership fee per annum.
  • Umpires who hold a current commonwealth health care card are eligible for a membership concession on production of their current card.   See the association treasurer (John Borg) who will apply for the concession on your behalf.

The fees will be deducted from the Umpires pay over a three game period through the SFL payments system.

The fees will provide you with

Free First / Last Supper – this is the introduction dinner for all umpires, includes fully subsidised meal and a drink.

Free Sausage sizzles and soft drink after Thursday training (on a monthly basis)

Free Pizza nights after Saturday games (usually 4 in the season)

Heavily subsidised formal Presentation & Grand Final appointments dinner.  (venue to be determined)

Subsidised uniforms for all umpires.

We are all looking forward to a great 2018.


Your SFLUA Committee