Compiled by long-serving SFLUA member and past president, David Luttrell.

The Southern Football League Umpires Association (SFLUA), in its present form, was created in 1993 by a merger between the South East Suburban Football League Umpires Association (SESFLUA) and the Eastern Suburban Churches Football Umpires Association (ESCFUA), necessitated by a corresponding merger between their governing leagues (the SESFL and the ESCFA respectively).

The SESFLUA had changed its name the year before to align itself with the newly-named Southern Football League (SFL), such change being undertaken by the SESFL to promote the league as the premier competition in the southern region in anticipation of the Victorian Metropolitan Football League breaking the metropolitan area into four geographical regions (ie. North, South, East, West) with teams to be 'zoned' accordingly.

A brief history of each predecessor can be found by clicking the respective logo:

The links in this page and above attempt to provide some historical perspective of where we have come from by listing as much detailed information as is available. These pages should be considered a work in progress as there are many things yet to be uncovered, although we are quite a way towards completion. Holes still exist in the Honour Boards and Past Grand Final Panels, as well as Our AFL/VFL Alumni, but the search goes on for these details. We have many sources at our disposal, but could always use a few more. Records of the ESCFUA have, unfortunately, proved difficult to track down and a number of older contributors are assisting with this. Please browse through the pages at your leisure to gain an appreciation of the achievements and contribution of those who have gone before. If you can assist in filling some of the gaps please do not hesitate to contact the association.